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Your yes is coming

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Being in the wilderness is hard. As a coach, I don’t like to use the word hard, but let’s face it, it is. And if you've been through a wilderness season lately, you're nodding your heard right now.

The process that takes place in the wilderness can’t be rushed – because God is using every bit of what you’re going through to prepare you for where He’s taking you.

Jesus spent 30 years in Nazareth preparing to say yes to God.

The disciples spent three years watching, listening and learning from Jesus every day. Every day for three years they were being poured into by Him in preparation for saying yes to what He was going to call them to - spreading the Gospel.

You can’t rush where God is taking you. Your yes is coming. It's going to happen. But first, important preparation must happen.

Are you utilizing this time to know God more?

The better we know Him, the more we will be able to live as our uniquely designed selves because He strips away what isn’t true about us, revealing more of who He created us to be. Once you can stand firmly in your identity, your destiny will follow.

This is the time to stay curious, not hold tighter to control.

What is He teaching you in this season – about you and about Himself?

What is one thing you are willing to say “yes” to in order to know God more?

What is one thing you are willing to say “no” to in order to know God more?

If you need support, let's chat. I sometimes refer to myself as a wilderness coach because I walk through seasons of transition with women. As they journey toward wholeness and healing, I'm there every step of the way helping them navigate new way of being - living life where their worth doesn't depend on being perfect and fear is no longer calling the shots. If that's the life you long for, grab some time on my calendar so we can get your hope on and get you moving.

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