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Wellness workshops & retreats

Gather your people

and create change.


Need help planning your next event?


Brittany provides start-to-finish planning and facilitation to ensure you get the high-impact event you're after.


Whether you are planning a corporate or church event, or you are looking for some fresh ideas for team building, Brittany's one-of-a-kind workshops address issues every-day women and leaders are dealing with. Her workshops showcase her wit, grit and commitment to empowering women to own their stories. 

Topics include burnout, perfectionism, hurry, mindset, spiritual formation and more.



Wanting to get your people together to say thank you, build community or foster innovation? Brittany can help you plan the perfect half-day retreat. Incorporating a start-to-finish approach, she covers all the bases so you can focus your energy on the "why" instead of the "how" of treating your people to a unique and memorable experience.

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