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You aren't doing it wrong

God put it on my heart to share some quick encouragement with the woman who's weary today, so here it goes…

It’s OK to be right where you are. You aren't doing it wrong.

Everyone feels like they’re in over their head.

Everyone feels like life is complete chaos.

Everyone is afraid they are going to mess something up beyond repair.

No one feels like they are ready or qualified or good enough.

These are not Brittany problems, these are not (fill in your name) problems. Sometimes, life is a dumpster fire.

The choice you have is how you want to show up for yourself in the middle of the madness.

Today is the only day you get to choose to be compassionate toward yourself instead of cruel, to eat healthy and take care of your body, to spend time with God, to walk away from something you know doesn’t serve you.

None of these things will just happen, and no one is going to do the work for you. You can make a choice and take action or life won't look different.

I invite you to take time TODAY to step out of the craziness, find a quiet spot and ponder these questions (pro-tip: consider both internal and external answers):

How can I honor where I am right now?

How can I reconnect with God?

What is one thing I can do to love myself better today?

Then take action to prioritize your wellbeing. Here are some ideas to get you motivated:

  • Get outdoors for some sort of activity every day before you start your workday.

  • Journal your prayers.

  • Look for something beautiful and note how it moves you. Savor the experience.

  • Find a YouTube video for a morning stretch practice or morning meditation.

  • Be the one to start a coffee circle for other working women to come together and share experiences and encourage one another.

And if you need additional support to sort through all your stuff and start living the life God created you for, I’m here. This is what I was born to do. Simply hit reply or grab time on my calendar. I can't wait to talk with you.

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