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2022 is the Year of You

For many of us, celebrations for this New Years were more tepid than in the past. There’s a wariness hanging over the revelry, and for good reason. We all had big hopes that 2021 would get us back on track to “normal,” and it let us down big time!

Two years into this global pandemic, God is still teaching us how to do life in a new way. Here’s my brief take:

2020 was a time of stripping away, of revealing what is most important. You learned to live without certainty, comfort and control of your time. You discovered how to appreciate the small things and did your best to savor the sweet, simple moments despite feeling overwhelmed.

Last year was a time of preparation. The ground felt shaky, but you had a deep sense that God was laying the foundation for change and preparing you for what He has prepared for you. You anxiously waited for His plans to be revealed.

In 2022, things are going to start coming together, and it will be a pivotal year where you have the potential to:

Break Out – of old ways of thinking and patterned responses to life’s challenges.

Break Free – from the hold your past hurts have on you by doing the hard work of facing the pain, healing and living whole so that you can bring all of who you are to everything you do.

Break Through – the barriers that have prevented you from embracing God's Truth of who you are and being all that He has called you to be.

I’m declaring 2022 as the year of being abundantly YOU. God knitted you together in your mother’s womb and endowed you with a unique combination of gifts and talents and put you right where you are in this time and place - on purpose and for a purpose.

I am a coach because I genuinely want you to live your very best life - unbound by perfectionism and self-doubt, unleashing your inner ambition and walking in full freedom of being all that God created you to be. In my coaching sessions, we will do work together that helps you:

  • Uncover the “why” of your perfectionism story.

  • Become your strongest advocate instead of being your worst critic.

  • Recognize toxic thoughts and learn how to reframe them to create a positive, Biblically-informed mindset.

  • Improve your resiliency and adaptability by recognizing, understanding and working with your emotions instead of against them.

  • Break free from fear and self-doubt by learning to trust yourself and your ability to make challenging decisions and thrive despite any outcome.

  • Live life as the confident daughter of the One True King without needing validation from anyone.

If you are ready to bravely make your way in the world as the woman you were created to be, then grab some time to chat here.

The world needs what only you can provide. No more sitting on the sidelines of your life. This year, you are getting in the game, breaking barriers and flourishing in this one, beautiful life!

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