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Well, that's a big difference

Chances are you recall the Creation story as God having created what is seen (the earth and universe) out of nothing. But actually, Hebrews 11:3 tells us God created what is seen out of what was previously unseen. It wasn’t that it didn’t exist before God spoke it into being, it was simply unseen.

Well, that’s a big difference.

That got me to thinking about how we see ourselves. Like how we admire characteristics in others while discounting the presence of those characteristics within us. In other words, because we can’t readily see them within ourselves, we think they don’t exist.

What if the truth is that they are just unseen? It’s not that you lack the passion, creativity and courage you need to achieve your goals or do that brave thing you’ve been wanting to do, but that you simply haven’t seen those parts of yourself yet.

Well, that’s a big difference, too.

What have you been dismissing as impossible because you have yet to notice the parts of yourself that can help you get there?

Think of all the possibilities that come along with going from unseen to…

Unleashed. Unlimited. Unbounded. Unstoppable.

God takes what is unseen and makes it seen. And because you are indwelt with the Holy Spirit, you have the power you need to come fully alive, fully seen. That begs the question, what can you take from unseen to seen today?

The world is waiting. Go get ‘em, girls!

Need help? Let's chat to discuss how I can help you. I'm a certified professional coach - or as I like to say - a Jesus follower with mad coaching skills.

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