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The Parachute

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I admit, I am too hard on myself. Almost every day I find something to beat myself up about. These days, it oftentimes centers around my anxiety and faith. When I feel anxious, I accuse myself of not having enough faith, not trusting God enough. "Well if you really believed..."

Maybe you can relate?

Then, I came across a poem I wrote some months ago, and it reminds me of just how faithful and courageous I really am. I wrote this as I was going through coach training. When I penned these words, I was in the midst of a wilderness season - too far in to turn around and not far enough along to see the end. I'd left the security of my corporate gig in pursuit of Kingdom work, and I felt lost in a sea of uncertainty. I was learning a new way to treat myself while navigating a new path, and it's something I have to practice daily to this day.

I call this poem "The Parachute," and I hope it brings light to your day.

I used to be fragile. I am learning to be strong.

I am learning to believe in myself.

I am learning to trust God.

I used to rely on others to tell me I have what it takes, that I am enough.

Now I tell myself those things.

You can be your own biggest advocate.

I can be my own biggest advocate.

There are no mistakes on the road to Jesus.

I am a walking miracle.

I am a beautiful redemption song.

I am learning to let go of crutches, to step out on the edge of my life and let go of the safety rope.

My purpose is my parachute, and I can't pull the cord until I'm falling.

I can't fall until I let go.

I am learning to be gentle with myself until I am ready.

What faith! I hate that I don't give myself credit when I've earned it. As always, it ultimately comes down to choice. I have agency over my thoughts, and today I choose to celebrate how far I've come and how my faith continues to grow.

How can you celebrate your journey today? What can you do to lay a memorial stone to honor your progress?

Brittany Seabury is a certified life coach and founder of Flourish Coaching. She is passionate about creating spaces where women can connect with who they are and where God is taking them: "I view my coaching as a ministry, and I am on a mission to help a generation of women navigate by faith rather than fear by making Jesus the center of their lives and walking in the freedom of being all that God has called them to be." To book a free discovery call with Brittany, click here.

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