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Saying Your Next Brave Yes

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I made the bravest decision of my life a little over two years ago when I decided to quit my job, walking away from everything that was familiar and safe and starting a new career as a life coach.

There was so much uncertainty, but I was sure about two things: I could not keep white knuckling life, and I trusted God and what He was calling me to do.

When I began telling people about my unorthodox decision and plans, the responses I got most often were along the lines of, “Wow, that is really brave,” or “I admire you, I wish I could do that.”

It was both surprising and not surprising.

I think we all deeply desire to do something meaningful with our lives, to live our lives in a way that feels right and authentically reflects who we are. However, those desires can get buried under years of self-criticism and fear and life experiences you interpreted to mean you were somehow not enough.

I have spent so much of my life afraid. Like truly afraid. I won’t go so far as to say I’ve wasted years doing that, because I have learned to be compassionate toward my experience and how I moved through it, but it did come at a cost (namely 20+ years of near-daily tension headaches and so much joy robbed, so much).

Quitting my job and starting my own business didn’t mean my fear went away, but once I said yes, I was able to find a level of courage I didn’t know I possessed.

I’ve been asked how business is going hundreds of times, and truth be told, I didn’t always know the answer. I described my unfolding journey in the most accurate way I could: I just keep saying the next brave yes.

That’s what life is really about: saying the next brave yes. And getting there requires nothing more than simply starting where you are with what you've got.

Here’s what I know about starting lines:

  • Everyone starts at the same place – saying yes and figuring out the next right step.

  • Yes, it’s challenging (there’s not something wrong with you). Doing something new and creating new habits is as metabolically taxing as a physical workout.

  • Sometimes starting is the hardest part, but sometimes continuing is the hardest part.

  • The way you talk to yourself is critical. Support and encourage yourself rather than tear yourself down. By doing so, your body will respond in a way that helps you move through stressful situations with greater resilience.

  • Bring your anxiety with you, don’t fight it. We expend so much precious energy trying to fight how we feel. Instead of shaming yourself for how you feel, get curious with compassion. Then you can channel the energy you save into achieving your goals!

  • Staying connected to your why will pull you forward. Research shows that we have a greater capacity for discomfort and can persevere with greater success when we are connected to what’s important to us.

Line up on your starting line, sister! You’ve got this. You have everything you need to be all that you are.

Feeling doubtful?

Here’s additional motivation for you: Think of something you love right now in your life. Now, think back to when you first started it. What can you trust about yourself as you look ahead to your new endeavor? What can you trust about God?

What is your next brave yes? Email me at and let me know!

Cheering you on,


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