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Praying Big Prayers

Have you ever wondered about the right way to pray? Me too. Is it OK to ask for something in particular? Should I just pray that God’s will be done?

My intercessory prayers for others are often bursting with confidence in God’s goodness and sovereignty, but when they turn back to myself, oftentimes I feel like something is too insignificant to bother Him with. Other times, I admit, I’m afraid to ask for something because He may not give me what I ask for – or that He will! I settle on, “best just to leave that thought to another day.”

But over the last few weeks, I’ve had a pretty profound shift on how I view prayer. I’m in a season with a lot of firsts, and launching a business is HARD. As my list of needs grows longer – clients to coach, people to collaborate with, mental energy to tackle logistics, inspiration & creativity for putting together workshops, etc. – I’m realizing the strength of my prayer life directly correlates to how hard I’m hustling.

I used to think that not “bothering” God

with my specific needs showed my trust that He “knows” and is working it out. But my striving and grinding each day belied the truth – I was really getting up each morning relying on only myself to get it all done. Because either way, these are things I need to be successful, and if I’m not asking for God’s help, then the fact of the matter is I’m trying to do it on my own.

Not praying about your needs does not equate to trusting that God will work it out. It means you’re trying to do it on your own. Praying shows your trust in God.

At first, to begin praying big, bold prayers feels a little awkward. But each day gets easier, and I like to write mine in a journal at night. I lead each entry with the specific things I’m thankful for that day, and then I ask for God’s provision and blessing on all those things I need help with. I get specific. And thanks to an amazing tip from actress Candace Cameron Bure, I also leave room between entries to go back and write in how God answered my prayers. Talk about being expectant! Also, noting the way God is working in your life is a catalyst for building trust in Him.

The truth is God wants our prayers, and He wants to answer them. It may not always look the way you expect it to, but your answer will come.

Friend, where in your life are you carrying burdens you weren’t meant to carry? Whatever you have been holding onto that feels like it’s breaking your back, take it to God in prayer. And find the rest that you so desperately need. We can trust God with our every need. Our energy and strength is finite, but His is never ending.

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