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Have you heard of FOFO?

Move over FOMO, here comes FOFO.

Have you heard of it? It stands for “fear of finding out.”

I came across the term in an article the other day, and I felt seen. FOFO is the psychological barrier that stops a person from learning more about a potential problem because they're afraid of what they'll discover.

Here's what FOFO might look like in your life:

  • Preferring to “wing it” rather than ask clarifying questions about a project or task.

  • Letting the bill sit unopened on your counter for weeks.

  • Not requesting feedback from your boss or colleague.

  • Putting off follow-up with an unresponsive client.

  • Not asking your pre-teen the hard but important questions.

The thought is: What will I find out, and what is it going to feel like to find out?

And if you've suffered from any kind of trauma (spoiler alert: we all have), then another even deeper question quickly follows: Will I be able to withstand the way it will make me feel?

FOFO isn't about laziness or procrastination; it's about protecting yourself against perceived danger.

If that's you right now, that's OK. I invite you to get curious and ask yourself two questions when you find yourself avoiding: 1) What's the story I'm telling myself about what's going to happen when I find out the thing? and 2) What is avoiding it costing me (mentally and physically)?

The goal of the work we do in coaching is always to help you build awareness around your current beliefs, habits and tendencies - where they come from and how they are either helping you or holding you back from the life you long for. Because once you have awareness, you can make a CHOICE about whether you want to keep living that way.

And about that thing you're afraid of…what if it's wonderful?

If this is striking a chord with you, let's chat. I help women who are tired of white knuckling life get free from perfectionism and fear so that they can live the life God created them for.

You can grab time on my calendar here. Can't wait to talk it all out.

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