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Easing Into It...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I was listening to a podcast recently where the host, Dr. Curt Thompson, was reflecting on the fact that Jesus didn't start His ministry until he was 30 years old. It's something I've often wondered about: why 30?

But Curt put it in a way I hadn't considered before: “There is a sense that Jesus eased into this…” WHOA.

I was rooted in place when I heard him say that, and I began pondering Jesus being fully human and easing into the calling on His life. There was no rushing, no start-before-you're-ready mentality, no urgency. In fact, it was almost as if His mother pushed Him into His first miracle!

Thirty-three years of preparation.

We have only one story about Jesus between the manger and the start of His public ministry, and I can't help but wonder about what was going on inside of Him those years in between.

Maybe that's God's way of saying we each have our own journey, and no matter what happens, if we keep turning toward Him and seeking His Truth, we will find our way to our destiny, fully prepared for what it is He is calling us to.

The slow pace can be challenging for some of us. As recovering perfectionists, we often want to be great now – because if we're perfect, we're safe. I remember when I started out as a coach, I really struggled with not yet being the coach I hoped to someday be.

I'm learning that in order to be great someday, I first have to ease into it.

Every time I've coached someone, I've gotten better at it. Every time I sit down at the feet of Jesus in the morning, my faith becomes stronger. Every time I experience a wobble and anxiety takes hold, I become more familiar with God's steadying presence.

Life is an easing into becoming who God created me to be. Just like Jesus.

Your turn: What have you been trying to rush into excellence that you can instead give yourself permission to ease into? What changes for you if you do that?

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