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Change your thoughts and you'll change your life

Can you count the number podcasts you listened to, books and articles you read, and TED Talks you watched this year to help you be your best self?

There's a reason how-to pieces don't work: they don't resolve the underlying beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck.

True transformation begins with the way you think: What you think about yourself, what you think about God and what you think about your circumstances.

You can read a terrific article on how to advocate for yourself, but if deep down you don’t think you can do anything about the circumstances at work, you won't do it. You can want resolution with the person you care about, but if you think it's pointless to have the hard conversation, you'll avoid having it.

Nothing in your life will change until you start changing the way you think, and everything in your life will change when you do.

But some of us need help retraining our brains. It turns out trauma really jacks up our ability to understand ourselves and how we process what we’re experiencing.

In response, some of us have picked up habits like overpreparing, catastrophizing, avoiding conflict, trying to control outcomes, people pleasing and seeing our emotions as our enemy. There's nothing wrong with you, it's just the way you've adapted to your environment to protect yourself (often unconsciously).

You may feel exposed right now, but I hope you feel seen.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know what it’s like to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, desperately wanting relief but too scared to stop swimming furiously for fear of slipping under the surface.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Life finally changed when I decided I didn't want to live that way anymore, and I praise God every day for the way He has liberated me.

You have your own brave choice to make. Freedom doesn't happen on its own. By choosing to face down each belief and sit in the way it makes you feel, you can decide whether you want to keep believing it and letting it hold you captive. It's what my clients and I call doing The Work.

It's about understanding who you are and why you are who you are so that you can build clarity around where you want to go and how you get there.

I tell you this in love: it's your choice to do it or stay where you are.

If you want help doing this work, you should know that my faith-forward approach is different from other coaches in that we invite God into these conversations and are ultimately in search of His Truth. If that speaks to you or if you're curious about me, coaching or how it can help you, let's grab coffee and talk it all out.

I hold office hours every week for virtual coffee chats with non-clients, women just like you who long to do life in a new way but don’t know where to start. And it's a great way to get all your questions answered.

Hit reply and we can get something scheduled or click here to grab time on my calendar. There are absolutely no expectations or strings attached. This is my passion. It's all about helping you and getting you the support you need.

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