You were created on purpose, and it's time to live like it.

Oh, and you don't have to be
perfect doing it.

There is tremendous pressure facing working mothers today. For many of us, though, the biggest pressure comes from within. Instead of getting curious about what's possible for our life, we find it safer to try to control it. We're exhausted from trying to hold our world so tightly and find ourselves operating in a low-grade dread. And day in and day out, we're beating ourselves up for not being able to "just get it together." Our struggle with perfectionism is robbing us of joy. Sound familiar? You are not alone.



I help women who are tired of white knuckling life get free from perfectionism and fear so that they can live the life God created them for.


Working with me, you will:

Break Out:

of old ways of thinking and conditioned responses to life’s challenges by better understanding who you are and why.

Break Through:

the obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to go.

Break Free:

from the belief you have to be perfect in order to be worthy and develop the courage and resilience to live life on purpose as the woman God created you to be.

Get started in three simple steps:

1. Schedule an intro call so we can see if we're a good fit.

2. Get coaching to break free from perfectionism and fear.

3. Start living the life you were made for.

Image by Sarah Shull

"Working with Brittany has been absolutely transformational."


Believer. Coach. Advocate.

Committed to providing a place for women to restore their hope and confidence to live the life God created them for, Brittany specializes in helping high-performing, high-achieving women get free from perfectionism and fear so that they can make meaningful moves toward living the life of abundance God intended.

She is passionate about incorporating Christian spiritual formation as well as the latest neuroscience data and somatic coaching techniques into her practice to help her clients achieve sustainable results.


Get intentional with your mornings.

Your most important relationship is the one you have with Jesus. Get a free guide to up-level your mornings and get the grounding you need to take on the world. 

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