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Welcome to Base Camp

Here at Base Camp Flourish, you will get equipped and empowered to become the woman God created you to be so that you can flourish in a life lived on purpose.


Base camp [ˈbās ˌkamp]: a place that provides supplies, shelter and communications for persons preparing to go on an expedition.


We can’t be the women God created us to be by staying where we are. We must enter the wilderness – an expanse of yet unknown possibility – and learn to navigate life in a new way, free from perfectionism and fear.

In the wilderness, you learn to embrace not only what’s possible for you, but what God has truly intended for you. You also take stock of what you’re currently carrying around and determine what no longer serves you. Lastly, you start developing new tools to move you forward toward the life you long for.

When you come out on the other side, you have the confidence and clarity it takes to live life on purpose.

I’m here to remind you that you have everything it takes to be everything you are.

It’s your time!

"God has plucked you out of eternity, positioned you in time, and given you gifts and talents to serve Him in this generation. Your race is now. This is your time in history. You've been handed the baton of faith and entrusted to carry it forward as you run your part in God's divine relay."

-Christine Caine


Welcome to wilderness living, ladies. I’ll be your guide! Let’s sojourn together, rediscovering yourself and building the courage to GO BE YOU.

Join the tribe gathering VIRTUALLY at Base Camp Flourish at 12pm Central on the last Friday of every month via Zoom. It's absolutely FREE.


Who is this group for?


Base Camp Flourish was created for the woman who:

  • Wants to dream big but perfectionism and fear are holding her in place

  • Is exhausted by holding onto life so tightly and knows deep down she can't keep living the same way

  • Longs to show up in her life with intention and a sense of purpose

  • Values her faith and wants to make God a bigger part of her life

  • Wants to connect with other women in a judgment-free setting

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