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A better way of asking questions

The questions we ask ourselves day in and day out are really important. And sometimes – OK, a lot of times – the questions we’re asking ourselves are too big.

You know they are too big when they take you entirely out of the present moment. Because when we leave the present moment, we can “what if” our future to death or drift back to our past and fall into a pit of regret.

How do we ask ourselves questions that keep us grounded in the here and now? You just break it down.

I was reminded of that this week when I had a conversation with a friend about what it looks like to trust God. I lamented that in this challenging season of trying to grow my business I didn’t want to miss what God was trying to teach me about trusting Him.

I know there is more to learn, and I am eager to hear His voice in the middle of all the uncertainty.

How can I trust God more? I got lost in such a big question. As guilt and doubt and even a bit of grief began swirling all around me, clarity was pushed further out of reach.

I got off the call inspired to take action but still unsure of what to do. And then it hit me: let’s take this one day at a time.

What does it look like to trust God today?

Not this week. Not in this season. Not generally speaking. Today.

Now that is a question I can answer! I quickly came up with a handful of actions I wanted to take that day to lean into God.

The present moment is all we have to build the life we long for. Try wording your questions in a way that helps you take action – because if you don’t take action today, you won’t take action.

Now it’s your turn: What does it look like to trust God today?

What are some big questions you’ve been pondering, and what does it look like to break those down in a way that allows you to make meaningful moves right now?

“The quality of our life is determined by the quality of

questions we ask ourselves.” – Ed Mylett

As always, if I can support you on this journey, let’s chat. Making space for you to find your way to the answers you seek…well, it just doesn’t get any better!

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