Because women do not have regular opportunities to connect with who they truly are and what they want to contribute to the world, Brittany decided to create a space for women to

do just that. 


In her group coaching sessions, Brittany facilitates self-discovery exercises and discussions in an environment that supports authentic connection and belonging.

Attendees will tackle real-life topics and be challenged to apply Biblical truth to their current worldviews and assumptions. The goal is to help you cultivate spiritual development, identify self-limiting beliefs, and gain clarity and confidence around your worth and purpose. 

Image by César Couto

More sessions coming soon!


“Having taken a hiatus from all things church related for the last three years, I found myself searching for a way to feel grounded again. Luckily, Sunrise Stretch was right on time for me!  Starting the day with bite sized pieces of the God's Word and having dedicated time to think about and discuss what those words meant with women from across the country helped me realize that I'm not alone. I'm repositioning my spirituality and ready to dig deeper into my purpose.  And it all started with this 1-hour jump start.”


“In this incredible group of women, I found myself confessing things I can’t tell my closest friends, watching these strangers nod their heads, sharing and carrying each other’s burdens. Then comes the reminder, this is where the devil wants us... alone, feeling broken and unloved. This group shined light in the dark places, opening them and allowing God to do His work. From gentle stretching of our bodies and souls, we met each other there. With no judgement, with no restrictions, and I am so grateful for the journey.”


“I have been working toward rebuilding my relationship with Christ over the last several months. I had been going on this journey alone and craving fellowship with like-minded women. Sunrise Stretch was exactly what I needed. I felt great, energized and blessed to continue this journey after each session. Brittany is encouraging, helpful and on fire for the Lord as well as supporting women. I will definitely be participating in Sunrise Stretch again!”